How I nearly set my apartment on fire…

Last week I decided to try my hand at Indian food.

I decided to use the recipe Ree Drummond posted on her website, because I trust the Pioneer Woman with all of my tastebuds.  Because I am lazy I used the minced garlic I have in my fridge, and because I despise tomato chunks I used crushed tomatoes.  I forgot to get any chili peppers, so mine was far from spicy but it turned out delicious!



When you go to the grocery store, get at least one paper bag.  Do it for your cat(s).




For the rice, I simply made basmati rice (despite what the nice man at the Indian Grocery says, you do NOT need to buy the 10 lb bag) with some butter in it (because butter is my favorite food), and added some turmeric.  I dumped in about 5x more turmeric than I intended, which made for very yellow and extraordinarily flavorful rice.  Turmeric will turn your fingers and everything in your kitchen yellow.  When you spray 409 on it to clean up the mess, it turns blood red.  Slightly unnerving.

Now for the naan.  I love naan.  Making naan, tikka masala, and rice all at the same time on your electric stovetop of questionable quality with an ineffective fan is not the brightest idea.



It may make your smoke alarm go off.  Twice.  And probably a third time if you don’t disable* it.

*unscrew and throw on the ground


Anyways, make naan.  I tried cumin, garlic, and plain butter.  It worked fine doing both sides in my skillet. (On a side note, I made naan a couple days after this and smothered a plain piece with peanut butter and jelly.  It’s my new comfort food)

Hungry yet?

On a cat note, the naan and tikka masala both call for plain yogurt.  My boys (boys=cats. I do not have human children) LOVE plain yogurt and it promotes digestive health, so they got a little treat.  That’s why I got so much yogurt…for my cats’ digestive health…not because I am terrible at converting cups to ounces and bought way too much.



Sometimes the combination of naan, tikka masala, and rice looks like a duck.  Sometimes you force your dinner companion to stop eating so you can find your camera and take a picture of said duck.  Sometimes.





Here are the links again:

Chicken Tikka Masala:


You should make this meal.  Yours will probably turn out better than mine, and be less dangerous.  Do it for you.  Do it for your cats’ digestive health. Just do it (this site claims no affiliation with Nike).

Love, wine, and cats,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 23:39:35

    Oh my gosh that looks amazing! I’m definitely going to have to make it sometime soon. Alas, I have not cat to feed my leftover yogurt to… I guess I’ll just have to eat it all myself! 🙂


  2. Jennifer
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 03:33:49

    I WILL just do it! And I DO like underpants! Most awesome website EVER.


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