Cat Lady Advice: Exiled Furballs, Dating Difficulties, Justin Bieber, Hypoallergenic Rentals

Dear 2catladies,

I’m a cat…laddie?  My wife and I have one red-boy Persian and one seal-tip sassy Himalayan who are being forced to live with my mother and father-in-law.  Since they are long-haired and super prone to shedding everywhere, my wife, who is allergic, can’t take it.  If that weren’t enough, I also have 2 greyhound dogs (the cats came first, no worries) who are very afraid of the Himalayan because she swats them if they sniff her too much.
To top it off, my poor exiled cats are now loudly caterwauling at my in-laws’ place to the point that we can barely skype with our own parents anymore.
So I have a three-pronged problem and if anyone can help, I know it’s you. What do we do?
Prince of Persia

L:  Wow, this is a doozy.  First of all, has your wife found any sort of allergy medication that works?  A few years ago, two of my newlywed friends had a problem with his cat and her dog getting along.  Fortunately, they had a fenced in back yard where the dog could go to escape the feline.  In the house, they made the basement into a “cat-friendly” haven, complete with the cat’s toys, litter box, and food.  The basement was also where the guy had his old couch and video games set up.  For the most part, the cat would do her shedding and grooming in that area.  I don’t know if this would be a possibility for you, but if there would be a “safe-haven” for your cats somewhere in your house, a space where they would have all of their toys, it might make your dogs more comfortable and give your wife a bit of a break from their long hair.

R: Dear Prince of Persia,

First of all, your cats sound beautiful.  I would like to see photos at some point, please and thank you.

I agree with my fellow cat lady L on all of her comments.  Allergy meds?  There might be a more effective prescription if there isn’t anything OTC that works.  I also recently saw a de-shedding device at my cat-only vet…it would require a bit of extra TLC but you sound up to it!  Or shave them.  Don’t really do that — they sound too pretty!

Have your kitties always been caterwaul-y?  Is there some certain reason they are upset, or do they just miss you?

As for the cats vs. dogs relationship, I think it’s all about the slow and careful (re)introduction…supervised, of course.  If you gradually increased the time spent with your canine companions, your Himalayan might be more tolerant.  Perhaps.

My apologies for all of the “if”s.  Best of luck!

Dear 2catladies,I am dating a guy who doesn’t like cats. In fact, he hates cats and sometimes he tells me he hates me as well. What should I do?!?

L:  Do your cats tolerate him?  If not, I smell a deal breaker, and possibly a shoe surprise if he doesn’t take the break up well.  Your cats would probably be delighted to help with that.

R:  Honey, he’s just not that into you.  Or your cats.

Dear 2catladies, Tonight my three year old son walked into the bedroom, wearing his hair in a very Justin Bieber-esque style.  I wasn’t sure if I should cut it or photograph it.  Please help!

L:  Definitely photograph it and if possible, record him singing and dancing.  Who knows, it might be the next big youtube hit. Sounds like you might have a future superstar on your hands.  Congratulations.

R:  Are we talking pre- or post-haircut?  Either way, take a picture (and send it to all of his aunts, please and thank you).

Dear 2catladies,
I would like to try having a hypoallergenic cat before I consider owning one. Would you ever consider starting a hypoallergenic cat rental business, or know of any?

L:  What a wonderful idea!  Although I don’t know of a hypoallergenic cat rental business, as a former cat breeder, I would sometimes let a family take a cat home on a trial basis.  A few weeks after taking home a delightful ball of fluff, one family called to tell me that their kid was highly allergic and they needed to bring the cat back.  I took the cat back, gave them their money, and soon the first person on the waiting list arrived to give the little guy a new home.  So, when you’re searching around for hypoallergenic cats, ask the person you’re getting the cat from about returns.

R: Dear allergictocatslady,

If you’d like, you can load up on allergy meds and “rent” my cats for a week to try them out.  I’ll even lint roll them for you beforehand!

But seriously–great idea.  Unfortunately, as cat ladies, neither of us have the funds to start a hypoallergenic cat rental business.  If you know of anyone who would like to subsidize such a venture, please have them contact us.  Kudos for your ingenuity and we’ll keep you in mind if we find rental services!


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