Cat Lady Paradise: 10 Cat-abulous (and completely real) Street Names

Have you ever wondered if you’re living in a cat-friendly neighborhood?

I do.

Do you ever pause (paws) and wonder where you can find a street with an actual cat-friendly name?

I definitely do.

In fact, earlier this week I was musing to R that once in a while I come across a seemingly cat-friendly street.  Mostly, I just find these highly entertaining and worthy of a quick giggle, but in all reality, pulling together some options for future residences can’t hurt one bit.  When I first started searching for street names with keywords like “cat” and “furry,” the results were overwhelming.  So, I decided to shorten the list to include my top 10 personal favorites.

*R supplied the fantastic video and the creative pics.

Here they are, ordered by my own amusement.


Cat Lake Road, Caro, MI – I’m just imagining taking a cat on a picnic by a lake.


Furry Road, Van Buren, AR –  Probably not a place for those of you with allergies or hairless cats.


Paws Up Road

(Here’s an adorable video in lieu of a picture).

Paws Up Road, Bonner, MT –  If your cat is particularly feisty and enjoys keeping dogs in line, this would be a good choice.  Just down the street is a resort of sorts for humans and canines.  So, there will be plenty of dogs around for your cat to rule.


Siamese Mews, United Kingdom– Okay, okay, this isn’t a street, but an actual town.  (Win!) So, If you’re planning a move out of the country, or even a trip, this might be a fun place to check out.  I think George might fit in nicely here.

Pussycat Lane, Titusville, PA – It’s hard for me to imagine non-cat lovers living here.


Catnip Hill Road, Nicholasville, KY – I’m guessing that the scent here is so potentially addictive your cats may go crazy but feel incredibly happy.

Little Kitten Avenue, Manhattan, KS – This might be a good option for a potential residence later in life, for you would be living just down the street from Stoneybrook Retirement Community.

Caterwaul Drive, Fayetteville, NC -If your cats are considering an operatic (oper-catic) career.


Feline Road

Feline Road, Davis, CA – This road is located in an incredibly cat friendly town. They even have a feral feline organization! Check it out here.

Hairball Heights Lane, Kuna, ID – Talk about a conversation starter! Well, as long as it’s not with a potential stalker. How this street was named, I would certainly like to know.

Have fun with felines and be fabulous,



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