Impulse buying for your cat – you know you do it.

So, George has been grooming a lot recently.  George:  Who me?

L: Yes, you.

George: Couldn’t be.

L: Then who?

Ha, caught him grooming.

So, with his excessive grooming and shedding going on right now, I began to wonder if George is a little stressed.  I know, I know, what does a cat have to be stressed out about?

Well, the other night as George was sitting in my lap and I was browsing, my curiosity got the better of me and I typed in “cat stress relief.”  I was shocked by how many items came up.

A few seconds and multiple purrs later, I realized that I had purchased 3 impulse items…all for my cat.  You know you’re a cat lady when…(you can fill in the rest).

When the package finally arrived today, I think George was a little excited.

I mean, well, look at him.  He’s excited AND impatient.  He can barely contain himself.

The first item was a special cat scent plug-in designed to provide a calm environment.Since I plugged it in, I haven’t necessarily noticed a change in George’s behavior, but I have been feeling slightly sedated this evening for some odd reason.  Don’t believe me?  Get one of these yourself and see if you don’t feel different after an hour.

The second item was a gel intended to be placed on and licked off George’s adorable little paws.  He tried it earlier and seemed to tolerate it, but it’s still too early to count this as a total win.

Item number 3 was just for fun.  Currently George’s favorite toy is a simple hair tie, but I have high hopes for this laser.  Unfortunately, George has a bit of trouble following it and loses interest if the laser isn’t right in front of him.  So, we’re working on making this into a win.   

Happy Caturday to all,



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