Peepers vs. Peepers

The preschool program here is called PEEP.

Therefore, the preschoolers I work with are often referred to Peepers.

This fact still sends me into fits of giggles.  Let me explain…

Nine years ago, I received an adorable kitten for Christmas from my brother and sister.  I named her Peepers Mistletoe P. Whapajigadiga (P. Whapajigadiga = Project: We are keeping a kitten at Grandma’s house, and no one can know.  Especially Mom).

She was loving, cuddly, playful, and adorable.

For a day.

Now she is commonly referred to as “Demon Cat”, “Devil’s Spawn,” and “WTF, why did your cat just attack me?!”  We have to use oven mitts to pick her up.

Hence, my amusement that my adorable, agreeable preschoolers…

…are referred to as Peepers.


Smart Little Peepers

Scary Little Peepers


Peepers holding hands

Peepers hugging Me…with her claws


Peepers spreading sunshine and rainbows

Peepers spreading terror everywhere she goes


Peepers listening attentively

Peepers attentively destroying the dining room tablecloth


I love my little Christmas kitty…I really do.  And yes, that is a blue snuggie.

And I know that she loves me.  She still sits on my chair back home during dinner.  I like to think that means she misses me (She still lives at home, much to the joy of my parents).

I mean, how can you not love those glowing eyes?

Here is a photo of her and my boys.  As you can see, they get along famously.

Heehee…Peepers vs. Peepers.

Now say “Whapajigadiga” three times fast.  Or don’t.  It’s not like I’ll know.

In other news, I get to see my sweet little Peepers kitty when I go home on Monday!

Peace, Love, and Cats,




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 01:00:11

    Hmmm…. I never knew what Whapajigadiga stood for. And still mildly confused. But yea for Seester coming home!


  2. Lynn
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 02:40:09

    Peepers and I will plan big surprises for you. Now you should be mildly alarmed.


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