Cathopper Pie? Yes, please.

So the other day George was looking a little down.

Just look at that little face ’bout ready to burst into tears.

My usually happy-go-lucky cat was suddenly bored and lethargic.

So, I asked him, “George, what could we do to cheer you up a bit?”

After contemplating his response, he replied with “I really wish we could try out a new recipe.”

Okay, so maybe he didn’t exactly say that, but since he usually joins me in the kitchen anyway, I figured it might be a good way to pique his interest.

I had been wanting to try this Grasshopper Pie recipe for a few weeks.  I had never made it before, but since George and I have been referring to it as “Cathopper Pie” ever since we first discovered it, I figured now would be a good time to try it out.

I soon discovered that this is an extremely sticky pie to make.  So, beware!  It’s also incredibly sweet, because it is a pie after all.

Here’s my finished pie.  I added many many drops of food coloring just because I wanted it to be quite green.  In retrospect, I wish I had added more drops.

I had a bit of filling left over, so I also made a mini Grasshopper Pie.

Single serving pies are a wonderful invention, for you can freeze them until you get the urge for pie.

After we finished making the Grasshopper/Cathopper Pie, George was much happier.  Problem solved.

Wishing all of you fun in the kitchen with your felines,



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