Peepers–the lovable, misunderstood Christmas kitty

As most of our devoted followers already know, I went home to sunny Kansas for spring break last week (the reason most of our devoted followers know this is not because I posted about it, but because “most of our devoted followers” consists of my Mom).

There will be a post about our many cooking and baking adventures as soon as I can figure out how to safely format that much deliciousness into one post.  I don’t want anyone punching their computer screen super-hard in an attempt to get to the delightful treats we made.

So, to tide you over until then I will provide pictures taken with Photo Booth while my loving little pear-shaped Christmas kitty, Peepers Mistletoe P. Whapajigadiga, was sitting on my lap.

Looks innocent enough, right?

Wrong.  She was purring AND growling simultaneously.

But she’s so pretty! (on the outside…not so much on the inside)

Sometimes she forgets that she’s mean, and becomes super-affectionate.

Then she pauses, appalled that she could let her guard down so willingly…

…and becomes demon cat for awhile to keep up appearances…

…but still refuses to get off of my lap (Is she smiling?).

I love my Peepers…

…and I like to think that my Peepers loves me!

Peace, Love, and Angry-yet-lovable kitties,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tyrone
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 02:14:54

    hey do u remeber me is tyrone and u were so sweat to me that time i think ur cooking is likly the best and girl u no im so hungry cuz i aint go no monies so pleaze help if you can and do u have that sawsy dudes fone number?


  2. molly
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 13:09:14

    Way to go Peepers we cali’s must keep our owners guess. I like to lull my girl into sleep by laying in bed and letting her pet me. Then when she is almost asleep I bite her just make sure she is still alive. She loves it! She loves it so much she tells me to get off the bed and go play it somewhere else.

    Power to the Cats


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