Cat Lady Advice: Unicorns, Dates, Cat Food

We would like to thank all of you who recently wrote in with questions.  If we haven’t addressed your question today, look for it in an upcoming post.  Do you have a question for 2catladies?  E-mail us at

Dear 2catladies:

Please, describe your “purrrrr-fect” date.

L:  Oh, good question.  My purr-fect date would be an evening at home with George Gershwin, a bottle of red wine, and some delicious food that I just prepared.  Jazz would be playing in the background.  Wait a minute, this sounds like most of my evenings.  Win-win.   

R:  Hmm…I think my purr-fect date would consist of the following:

-Being whisked off on a whirlwind trip to Paris

Horse-drawn carriage ride through the park

Romantic candlelit dinner (with wine that costs more than $4/bottle)

-Walking on the beach and watching the sun set

-Laying on my couch, watching old Hitchcock flicks, snuggling with my kitty boys, and drinking wine.

Oh…and if you mean a date with a REAL boy, I suppose that would be purr-fect just as long as I don’t have to plan and/or pay for anything.  Bonus points if it involves wine, art, or food.

Dear 2catladies:

Do unicorns exist?

L:  I think they do.  They may be masquerading as Llamas with Hats.

R:  I hope so.  If not, at least we have narwhals.

Dear 2catladies:

What constitutes a date? If a woman pays for herself and her date, is it still a date?

L:  A date would technically be an appointment to meet someone socially.  Usually the person who requests or organizes the date pays.  If you are on a date and the guy offers to pay, it’s polite to offer to chip in, but you might be refused.  As for a woman paying for herself and her date even if the guy set it up, I believe R may have a good answer for that.  R?

R:  It’s my hypothesis that if both parties involved think it’s a date, then it’s a date.  No matter how bad a date it may be.  Even if the girl ends up paying for herself and her date.  Even if her date is super-lame, cranky, and hungover.  Those circumstances don’t take away the “date” label, they just add colorful descriptors  (I will spare you said descriptors).

If you experience such a date, my recommended prescription is as follows:

-McDonald’s chicken nuggets with honey

-Boulevard Wheat at 3 in the afternoon

-Terry Gilliam films

-Good friends to laugh at your misadventures, who will later turn them into a short flick.

Dear 2catladies:

Where is the best place to meet single, handsome guys…would you suggest a bar? the zoo? A park? The vet’s office?

L: Maybe at a cat owner’s convention?   


Dear 2catladies:

Meow Mix or Fancy Feast? Fresh Step or Tidy Cat?

L:  Choosing a brand of cat food and litter really depends on your cat…and what it smells like coming out.  George Gershwin seems to do better with Fresh Step because he doesn’t track it so easily all over the place.  I would suggest trying a few combos of cat food and litter and seeing what works best.  It may take a while, but eventually you’ll come up with the perfect solution for your cat. 

R: Personally, I support Purina One.  However, that’s because I was told by my vet that my cats are obese, so I put them on diet cat food.  Before that I was all for Meow Mix (of the dry variety…I despise wet cat food), primarily because of the jingle.

As for litter, I use Tidy Cat for small spaces.  Because it is frequently on sale in bulk.  And my cats poop a lot.


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