How to be a fatty fat walrus without even trying

George Gershwin, you are a special cat.  Let me count the ways.

(To see George in action…click here).

You wake me up every morning by hitting me on the face with your gargantuan paws.

You demand a saucer of milk every single day.  And since I only use milk occasionally for cooking, 97% of the bi-weekly half gallon I buy goes in your belly.

Your tail is incredibly fluffy.

You shed year-round.

You are very particular about your looks and insist on grooming for 3 of the 4 hours you are actually awake each day.

You exercise every evening by running laps on my hardwood floors.  It amuses me incredibly, for you can’t control your speed and end up sliding all over the place.  After about 5 minutes of running, you visit the litter box and then pass out for the night, completely worn out from overexertion.

You have the purr of a tiger and the courage of a stuffed animal.

Your favorite toy remains a hair tie…and you enjoy playing fetch until you get distracted.

You like sitting like a human couch potato.  I don’t know why.  You must find it comfortable.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    May 12, 2011 @ 14:08:03

    George Gershwin’s action video is awesome. Makes him appear to be a cat with a purpose…and that is the beauty of editing!


  2. 2catladies
    May 13, 2011 @ 23:24:23

    Thank you for watching the video! With George, appearance is almost everything…


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