Cat Lady Advice: Spinsters and Handsome Fellows

Dear 2catladies,

I believe that it has been common tradition that in order to be a “cat lady” one not only has to have cats, but they also must be old, a bit smelly, potentially collect bags, and exceedingly single going by names like “spinster.”  However, in the modern day world and with the progressive awesome-ness of the feline breed, it seems like times are changing.  I consider myself a “cat lady,” however, I do not consider myself, or either of you, as “old” (we’re not even in our prime yet!).  I may collect bags, but for the sole intention of using them to clean out litter.  I also am not single, and with the beauty of the two of you, I’m sure you are not completely single either.  As “professional cat ladies” what are you thoughts and opinions on these matters? 

L:  What an excellent question.  Thank you for your kind comments about our beauty.  Although one of us is single and one is not, we are both often flustered by handsomeness, adding to your theory that the modern “cat lady”  need not meet the definition of a spinster.  I do agree that what I consider to be the traditional view of a “cat lady” is just as you have described.  I believe that cat ladies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, carrying with them many different types of relationships with other humans and housing any number of cats.  I collect bags for litter disposal as well.

R:  I use plastic bags to clean out the litter box too!  I feel like we all just bonded a little over the interwebs.

Also, I agree that we’re all pretty.

Although cat ladies are commonly depicted in the media as “old smelly spinsters,” the new wave of cat ladies are in fact, just like you, L, and me.  Well, three of them ARE you, L, and me.

We lead our lives as respectable citizens, but we are more awesome than normal people.  Why?  Because of our loving cats.  That’s what makes us cat ladies.

Maybe we should have a Cat Lady Pride parade.  Though that could quite easily be misconstrued.

Dear 2catladies (again),

The aforementioned boyfriend has recently developed a special relationship with one of my cats.  I’m not sure how to explain it, so I’ve attached pictures.  While the cat appears to be unhappy, but she never fights him and she keeps coming back for more.  Is this normal?  The boyfriend also wished to be kept anonymous, so I disguised him in the pictures. 

L:  I think your cat may be going through an adjustment period where she’s developing an attachment to your boyfriend, but hesitant that it may change her relationship with you.  The unhappiness she displays probably stems from her inner struggle to bond with your boyfriend.  Since she keeps coming back for more and doesn’t fight him, she’s clearly on the right path, but probably just needs some reassurance that it’s “okay” for her to develop a relationship with someone else as well as you.  As for your boyfriend, he sounds like a keeper!

R:  I keep getting sidetracked from answering this, giggling at the pictures below.  Awesome disguises.  Well done.

Is this normal?  Is ANYTHING a cat does normal?  I agree with L that it is probably an adjustment period.  I often have to tell Colonel Coffey that it’s okay if he goes and sits on someone else’s lap for awhile.

I think she’s just being coy and playing hard to get…smart girl.

In other news, that man friend of yours is a handsome fellow — love the glasses and ‘stache.

Tee hee hee…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer
    May 17, 2011 @ 21:46:52

    I’m sorry, but the awesome-ness of the ‘stache is totally distracting. While your posts are always well written and thought provoking, ‘stache man stole the spotlight this time around!


  2. Dave
    May 17, 2011 @ 23:20:49

    I know that cat! And I must say, it is impressive to see her behave so lovingly. Well done, sir!


  3. Dixie
    May 18, 2011 @ 15:27:08

    That cat used to be mine, and I know she has an attitude and a temper. If she’s letting ‘stache man hold her like that she really likes him. Pics are just too cute… love ‘stache man’s disguise, and yes, he is definitely a keeper. 🙂


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