Kitty-cat liposuction

One of our loyal followers — let’s call her “Sharla” for the sake of anonymity — recently contacted us regarding our Cat Street Names post.

She drove all the way to Kuna, ID just to take a photo of the “Hairball Heights” street sign.

Okay, fine.  Her brother lives in Kuna, but she had to go out of her way to take this photo, and for that she earns at least 20 Cat Lady points.

In our correspondence we found out that her kitty, Spencer, recently had liposuction.

Yes, kitty liposuction.

Apparently Spencer started throwing up repeatedly one weekend, so good cat mom as she is, Sharla called the emergency vet number (30 Cat Lady Points!).  The vet came to have a look at Spencer (which I’m sure was just incredibly cheap), but was unable to perform an exam.

Why, you ask?

Apparently Spencer was channeling the devil and would not be examined.

So, the vet suggested Pepto Bismol.  The result?

One room spray-painted pink.

Pepto did not work/ended up entirely on the walls, so Sharla took Spencer to the vet (25 Cat Lady Points).  They had to sedate the sweet kitty to take an x-ray, and found a large mass in her abdomen.  After exploratory surgery (also probably quite inexpensive), it was found to be a fatty mass.

The fat was removed.  You know what it is called when fat is removed from the body?  Liposuction.  Yes, Spencer had kitty liposuction.

Admire her fit and physical condition!

Apparently she has quite a bit of extra skin hanging down from her belly now (a “flappy-flap”, if you will), and is still a devil cat.  Hmm…reminds me of my own personal devil cat, Peepers!

Sharla, you make cat ladies everywhere proud with your attention to cat-related street signs, and willingness to spend way too much money to get your cat liposuction!  Thank you for sharing!

Oh yeah — Happy Birthday Aunt Judy!  The kitties and I love you!

Peace, Love, and Kitty liposuction,


If any of the rest of you happen to come across one of our cat-friendly streets, send us a picture, and we’ll feature you as well.  Oh, and you’ll get Cat Lady Points.  I’m not sure what they’re good for yet…but you’ll get them.  – L


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer
    May 18, 2011 @ 20:53:43

    I’m proud to call “Sharla” a friend! And also, excellent use of descriptive pictures to aid in the storytelling.


  2. Ann
    May 18, 2011 @ 21:35:16

    I’m totally in to the Cat Lady points system. How do I get more points? How many points do I get for being a devoted cat lady friend?


  3. Lynn
    May 19, 2011 @ 10:31:54

    Oh! I totally just figured out who “Sharla” is! Well played, Sharla…well played.


  4. 2catladies
    May 20, 2011 @ 20:40:12

    Ann, posting comments gives you Cat Lady points. You get points for being a cat lady friend, and extra credit when you hang out with cats (due to your allergies)!



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