Cat Lady Advice: Cat Carriers

Dear 2 catladies,

What are your opinions on these carriers? Especially in relation to the recently discussed cat leashes?

L: I really do like the fact that these carriers allow pets a chance to look out into the world.  They seem quite versatile as well.  Hands free?  Even better.  These carriers also seem big enough to allow your cat a comfortable ride.  As long as your cat didn’t urinate in the carrier out of anxiety you would probably be good to go…because let’s face it…who would want cat pee dribbling out of a soft carrier?  Been there, done that, and it’s not really that much fun.

When choosing a carrier, it is important to keep your cat’s size in mind.  A few years ago, I failed to do so, and borrowed a cat carrier that was a little too small for George Gershwin.  Okay, well, most cat carriers are going to be too small for George Gershwin because he’s a huge cat.  But it was tough for him to be stuffed into a cat carrier where he couldn’t moved around easily at all.  Granted, it was just for a short trip to the vet, but it was something I should have kept in mind beforehand.

R: No way would I put my cats into a soft carrier — they’re too crafty and naughty!  I think this would probably be better suited for small dogs because they are less likely to escape.  Although this would be lovely for the sake of convenience, and I think it could be potentially hilarious, I will stick to my locking hard carriers.

L, I vaguely remember you having to stuff George into a smallish carrier to take him to the vet one time.  I also vaguely remember it being one of the most hilarious scenes I have ever seen.

I have 2 carriers (as well as kitty sedatives) for long journeys, but occasionally stuff both cats into one carrier for vet visits.  They love it.


Maybe someday if I’m feeling ambitious, I will purchase one of these.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. T.Lo
    May 21, 2011 @ 21:22:17

    I love cloth carriers.


  2. 2catladies
    May 21, 2011 @ 22:24:06

    T. Lo, what cloth carrier do you have? Is it sturdy? I have been curious about them, but my cats are so wily!

    Love, R


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