Deal Breakers and Cat Enthusiasts

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As cat ladies, we’ve often been asked about pet adoration compatibility.  This can be a tough issue for cat ladies and laddies.  Since you don’t want to find out further down the road that you’re dating a cat-non-enthusiast, here are some one-liners that you could sneak in on the first date to determine if your potential new squeeze is a true cat lover or just posing as one in a desperate attempt at companionship.

1.  If your date compliments your appearance, politely reply with, “Thank you.  I was worried that I had a few stray cat hairs.” If your date shows a look of disgust at your response, prepare to flee.  If your date laughs, have a seat and proceed with a delightful conversation.

It's impossible to escape cat hair with this one around.

2.  If the topic of roommates comes up, remark that you have 1 (or how many cats you have) short and furry roommate (s).  This will let your date know that you think of your cat as a companion.  If your date seems puzzled and believes that you are talking about an actual person, proceed with “ca-tion” until you can determine what kind of sense of humor (if any) your date possesses.

He's a real looker, that one.

3.  If your date orders a fish entree, casually mention that tuna is consumed quite a bit in your household.

These just happened to be in my pantry.

4.  If you start discussing the environment, ask your date if he/she litters.  If they seem taken aback by the question, mention that there is a lot of litter in your house, but it’s usually contained in a small ventilated box.  If your date smiles and nods, stay put.  This means either a) they don’t understand what you mean, or b) they are tolerant of cats.  Either way, it’s too early to tell.  If your date smiles and says, “I know exactly what you mean.  I have a litter box in my house too,” start planning your second date.

Yes, it is a huge litter box for a huge cat.

5.  If you are still on the fence at the end of the night, lay all your cards on the table and excuse yourself to go home because you “will be scolded if you stay out any later and it’s getting close to your cat’s bed time.”  If your date takes this as a brush off, then, sadly, it might be a deal breaker.  If your date responds in any kind of affirmative way, there is definite potential.

So, the next time you meet a potential suitor and wish to test his/her cat tolerance, just casually drop these little nuggets into your conversation.  Now, some bright prospects may claim to be cat supporters, but these statements will help you weed out those who just pretending to support cats but have more pressing ulterior motives in mind.

Cats, Love, and Tuna,



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ann
    May 24, 2011 @ 21:32:51

    This is very helpful and amusing. Although I like cats and cat people, I’m afraid I would be weeded out by such questions because I’m allergic to cats. There are nice people out there who may just be allergic to cats. But I understand that cat allergies could potentially be a deal-breaker for a cat lady looking for a suitor. Understandable.


  2. Lynn
    May 24, 2011 @ 21:55:25

    Very good advice, even if I am no longer in the market for a suitor!


  3. 2catladies
    May 24, 2011 @ 23:00:50

    It’s true — good people can be allergic to cats. I find it rather odd and mildly amusing that at least half of my friends up here are allergic to my furry roommates.

    If a potential suitor happens to be allergic, have your cat(s) give him antihistamines as a gift. If he doesn’t find this amusing, kick him to the curb.



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