Black and White, Part I

Three years ago I moved to *undisclosed location that you all probably know*.  My parents moved me into my apartment in one weekend, then abandoned me in a place where I knew no one–alone, scared, and catless.

I dropped my parents off at the airport and drove to my new “home” (getting horribly lost along the way).  To distract myself I started to look at animal shelter “kitty porn” online.  I had already decided I wanted a young adult male cat.  Just one.  Only one.  And an adult.  Not a kitten.  Then I noticed on the Animal Rescue website that they were having an adoption event that day (on a Sunday–it was fate).  I decided I might as well drive there and see what they had.

When I got there the first thing I saw was a little black and white kitten hanging upside down from the top of the cage, mewing furiously. It was love at first sight.  I adopted this sweet little hermaphro-cat and his little friend (who turned out to be such a well-behaved gem of a cat).

I had both cats settled into my apartment by the time my parents’ plane touched down.

From day one, Colonel Artemis Coffey the Michi-cat made it purrfectly clear that he loved laps.

This has not changed over the years.

Nor do I think it will change anytime in the future.

He is not picky about what the lap happens to be wearing.

Just as long as it is a lap.

Sometimes he even branches out and sits on my friends’ laps!

Okay, okay. This is more of inappropriate touching that lap-sitting.

He is especially fond of laps that belong to individuals with allergies.

Lap, stomach, chest--he doesn't discriminate!

Stray as he might, he always comes back to the lap he knows best.

Sometimes he shares with his brother.

Though he doesn’t like to scoot over to make room.

Sometimes he likes to establish “lap dominance,” forcing his brother to seek other snuggling options.

Although I love the fact that he is such a lappy little cat, it makes it difficult to accomplish anything.

Thank goodness I can blog about cats with a cat on my lap.

Needy? Moi?

Which is what I am doing right now.

It’s amazing how he manages to shed only black fur on my white skirt, and only white fur on my black shirt.  Simply amazing.

Time to go lint roll!

Peace, Love, and Lappy Cats

PS – Hope you are all having as beautiful weather as I am!  Mmmm….sunshine.


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