Passionfruit Cats

Have you ever used Bedhead products?

Well, they make a line of products for animals.  It is called Pethead.

I decided I wanted my cats to smell like passion fruit so I gave them both baths with this:

Okay, so the passion fruit smell was just a side effect.  I really did it because my cats had dry, scaly skin and it was grossing me out.

Here are the steps you should follow, should you ever wish to bathe Kilgore:

1) Ask Kilgore if he would like a bath


2) Ignore his nay-saying and give him a dose of kitty tranquilizer

3) Fill the kitchen sink with warm water

4) Once the drugs kick in, submerge Kilgore in the kitchen sink

5) Realize the kitchen sink isn’t nearly big enough for your fluffy cat

6) Fill the bathtub with warm water

7) Extract a rather damp Kilgore from under the bed

8) Submerge clawing, yet hilariously drugged cat into the bathtub*

9) Starting at the neck, rub fruity shampoo all over your terrified cat

10) Rinse

11) Wrap a shaking Kilgore in a towel

12) Take pictures of Kilgore looking like a wet rat

Not so cocky now, are you?!

Once Kilgore is dry, complete the following steps for a clean Colonel Coffey:

1) Drug Colonel

2) Refill bathtub with warm water

3) Once Coffey is appropriately bleary-eyed, submerge him in the bathtub water

4) Get scratched as Colonel Coffey goes into tasmanian devil mode

5) Retrieve Colonel from under the kitchen sink

6) Repeat steps 3-5 until you wise up and…

7) Close the bathroom door.

8) Give Colonel as complete a bath as possible while trying to ignore his guttural growling*

9) Wrap him in a towel

10) Run away while he is shaking out his fur

11) Try not to laugh

12) Laugh anyway

Although my cats aren’t quite as lovely as a freshly bathed George Gershwin, giving my cats baths was a fun activity that I intend on repeating…never.

Peace, Love, and Passionfruit kitties,


*I realize that both of my eighth steps turned into smiley faces with sunglasses.  I don’t know how to change it, nor do I have much of a desire to 8)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 23:01:59

    I want to think of something witty to reply. But all I keep thinking is “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Then I calm down a bit and think “HAHAHAHAHA!!!” again. Sorry, but it’s a vicious cycle involving soggy kitties and sunglasses wearing smileys.


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