Happy Caturday (featuring your submissions)

Today is the first of what we hope to be many in a long line of Caturday submissions.  A while back, we asked for you to send us stuff (i.e. pictures, funny stories, etc) of the cats in your lives.  Today we are featuring ALL of those submissions, and hoping that we will continue to receive more in the coming weeks.

If you would like to submit something for us to feature on our 2catladies blog, or if you have a question for 2catladies, please e-mail us at 2catladies@gmail.com.

Submission #1 from Lynn (aka R’s Mom)

Once upon a time I had a daughter who liked to play dolly dress up with her kitty. The end.

Submission #2 from Lynn (aka R’s Mom)

Once upon a time Peeper was nice…for a day.

Submission #3 from Jody G (that rhymes!)

I had a cat for a day when Dan was in school with your Dad. His name was Felix and he was mean! I had to give him back the next day and I found out my first try at a pet, was a Siamese cat who wanted to scratch and bite me…does that count for your stories??

–it absolutely counts!

Submission #4 from Jennifer (R’s Sisterfriend)

My cat is a lumberjack who likes butter. He also had a tick on his butt, and now he is our “special kitty.” And my other cat? One time she swallowed a plastic string (the kind that is sewn into shirts and dresses that allows you to loop it over the hanger). Then she pooped part of it out and I grabbed the end, not knowing what it was. Turns out plastic string isn’t easily digested. It also retains all it’s stretchiness. You really thought we moved because we were having a baby? Nope – poop splatter all over the wall and carpet! Butter, elastic and poop… J

Submission #5 from Lynn (who gets 30 catlady points for 3 submissions!)

Though I have no photographic proof, I once had a cat who could expel an unwelcome pill from his throat with enough force to send it shooting across the room to bounce off the wall. That has to be worth at least a few catlady points.

We sincerely hope for more Caturday submissions for August — we love pictures, videos, illustrations, photoshop, anecdotes, cinematic references, poetry…anything cat-related.

Thanks to everyone who submitted, and feel free to send us your cat-related stuff at any point until the last Saturday (Caturday) of August. 

R & L


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 22:16:12

    Woohoo…I’m the winner!!


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