Let’s get ready to rum….cake!

When I told R I was doing a post on “rum cake,” her response was “Rummy rummy rum cake, I hate rum cake.”

While I don’t exactly share R’s feelings on rum cake per se, I am generally not a fan of rum.

Quite a few years ago, toward the beginning of my 20s, I somehow came up with the idea to make a rum cake for the birthday of one of my dear friends.  Granted, it was a brilliant idea, but it was also my first attempt at making a rum cake.

While I was mixing up the batter, I put in the 1/2 cup of rum that the recipe called for, but after tasting it, it just didn’t seem “rummy” enough for me.  So I put in an additional 1/4 cup of rum.  When I was making the glaze, the same problem happened, and instead of only putting in 1/4 cup of rum, I put in 1/2 cup.

When the cake was finished, it looked divine but reeked of rum. (Hmm…I wonder why?)

As my friends and I sampled the cake later, they kept mentioning how delicious it was.  I wasn’t sold, and could barely eat any of it…because I could taste the result of my excessive rumming of the cake.  (I do think the word “rumming” should be added to the dictionary in reference to rum cakes and rum beverages).

Strangely enough, my friends didn’t mind eating it and I didn’t have to throw it out.

Ever since that incident (which I wrote off as a disaster), I have wanted to redeem my rum cake making abilities.

Last week, a few days before my friend’s bachelorette party (because she’s joining the convent), one of my fabulous friends suggested I make a rum cake for the party (i.e. the rum cake to beat all rum cakes).

I scoured through hundreds of recipes in search of the perfect one, and finally found a recipe for a Chocolate Rum Cake.

I was extremely careful not to overload the cake with rum.

After baking the cake, I poured all of the glaze on top and was incredibly grossed out extremely amused by how the cake just started to absorb all of the liquid.  It literally soaked it up like a sponge!

In the end, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Rummy Rummy Rum Cake

Each piece was incredibly moist…and didn’t taste too rummy.  I’m saying that as someone who really isn’t rum’s biggest fan.

View from the top

In fact, this cake was so good that nearly everyone at the party had 2 pieces!

Poor George didn’t get any cake…

Where's my piece???

…but he offered to help make it between naps.  Such a thoughtful Kitty Boy!

Monorail cat takes a nap!

Love, Cats, and Rum Cake,



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 08:19:25

    Well, L…if I liked rum cake (which I do not) and if I planned to make one (which I do not), then I would definitely use this recipe because the finished product is so pretty! But I won’t.


  2. 2catladies
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 18:24:17

    Mom, you are racking up the cat lady points. You make me proud. Additionally, I agree with everything you just said. Love, R.


  3. Sarah
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 19:11:12

    I recall your last rum cake being delicious! However, I do like rum… I’m sure this new one is even better. I mean, chocolate and rum, what more could you ask for? lol


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