You had me at risotto…

For a while now, I’ve been looking for an easy yet delicious risotto recipe.  Just saying the word “risotto” makes me feel more like I actually belong in the kitchen and less likely to burn the place down.  (Although my recent visits to various fire stations tells me it might not be so bad to have firemen come and rescue me).

After trolling through various food blogs and online recipes, I finally found a recipe for Shrimp Risotto (sorry R…just imagine I’m blogging about bacon), that seemed to fit my requirements of being easy and delicious.


I started out by throwing some butter and chopped onions into a big pot and stirring them until they were translucent.

In a smaller pot, I poured in a small container of clam juice and 4 cups of water and turned up the heat.

Clammy clam juice?

After the onions were translucent, I threw in a cup of Arborio rice and stir fried it for about a minute.

I then measured a cup of delightful white wine and threw that in as well.

My favorite part of making this recipe (other than eating it) was adding the wine and agitating the rice.  The white wine just brought out an amazingly scrumptious aroma.

The next few steps were pretty easy.  I added a cup of the clam juice/water mixture at a time, stirred until the rice soaked it up and then added some more liquid.

The almost constant (albeit necessary) stirring was definitely my least favorite part in this whole process.  I think hiring someone to constantly stir the rice really isn’t a bad idea.  If only George would be up for it.  However, the constant stirring is a must because you want to avoid the rice sticking to the pot.

When the rice was finally finished, I added the shrimp (R – think bacon!) and remaining ingredients.

Then I ate it.

And smiled.

And didn’t share with George.

Cats, Clam juice, and delicious risotto,



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 23:28:07

    Mmmmm…I will eat R’s share–and I don’t need to pretend it’s bacon!


  2. 2catladies
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 00:30:14

    Is that last photo one of George sitting in the dishwasher? Is that why he is so fluffy and lemon-fresh?



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