Bananas Foster for Breakfast

Last night I made a delightful meal of Cajun Chicken Pasta, Garlic Artichoke Dip, and a secret family recipe for French Bread.  I halved the first two recipes, which were plenty for two people, plus leftovers.

I bought the items to make Bananas Foster for dessert.  Then I didn’t feel like making it, so I didn’t.

When I woke up this morning, I really wanted Bananas Foster…so I made it for breakfast!

I recently saw a recipe for Bananas Foster on the website of the wise and all-knowing Pioneer Woman.  Because I trust her with all of my heart, I used her recipe (despite the fact that she apparently despises bananas).

I halved the recipe since I was cooking for me, myself, and I, using:

-half stick of butter

-half cup of dark brown sugar

-1/4 cup heavy cream

-one banana

-1/4 cup rum

-Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cinnamon

I started out by melting the butter.

Q: Is there anything more beautiful than a melting (half) stick of butter?

A: Yes.  Melted butter with dark brown sugar mixed in (over medium heat).


Then I mixed in the heavy cream until it was bubbly.  It looked a lot like the above photo.

I tasted the sauce at this point, and nearly ceased the process and drank it straight out of the skillet.  Then I realized I would probably burn my tongue and proceeded.

I added my sliced up banana.

All truth be told, when I make this again I will likely stop at this step and call it good.  That is primarily because I despise rum.  I suppose if you stopped here it wouldn’t technically be “Bananas Foster.”  It could be “Bananas Colonel”…or “Bananas Kilgore”…or “Bananas Coffey (ew)”…or “Bananas Trout (double ew).”

Kilgore is sometimes shaped like a banana.

I decided to proceed as directed at least this time, despite the fact that the smell of even such a small quantity of rum was overpowering my nostrils.  Maybe it was just too early for booze?

Because I have an electric stove, I couldn’t tilt the pan toward the burner to catch the stuff on fire, as directed.  I decided to try my wand lighter.

Try as I might, I could not get the concoction to catch on fire.

Or…maybe every time I held the flame to the mixture and it started to sizzle like it was going to catch fire, I squeaked and ran out of the room.  Because I’m brave like that.

So…I just let it cook a bit longer, adding some Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cinnamon at the end.

Then I got out a bowl, filled it with vanilla ice cream, and dumped half of the skillet’s contents on top.

Then I ate it.

Colonel judged me for eating ice cream for breakfast.

Judgmental cat judges me

Then I ate a cheese stick because I had consumed far too much sugar.

I will definitely make this again.  Possibly omitting the rum, because I’m just not a fan of rum.

I am excited to try it on other items, such as waffles…pancakes…waffles a la mode…pancakes a la mode…

Here is the original recipe.  Thank you, Pioneer Woman, for forcing me to use heavy cream on a weekly basis.

Despite halving this recipe, it still made plenty for two people.  The leftovers are in my fridge.  They won’t last long.

Cats, Love, and ice cream for breakfast,



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 15:12:38

    Wait. You didn’t feel like having dessert? YOU didn’t feel like having DESSERT?? My world is tilted sideways.


  2. 2catladies
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 19:38:56

    No no…I felt like having dessert. I didn’t feel like MAKING dessert.


  3. Michael
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 11:18:52

    I feel like eating dessert…does that count?


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