Happy Caturday!!!

Welcome to October’s Caturday!

Once a month, we feature submissions brought to us by you, our readers.  If you would like to send us a submission, you can do so at 2catladies@gmail.com

1.  Our first submission is from L.

Perhaps you’ve seen the show The Big Bang Theory.  If so, you would probably recognize this catchy little tune, known as “soft kitty.”

Anyway, a few weeks ago on the show, one of the main characters, Sheldon, kept making references to “Schrodinger’s Cat.”  Naturally, as a curious cat lady who unfortunately slept through most of physics, I searched for an explanation of this theory that would make sense in terms I could understand…i.e. pictures and cat references.  I think it’s quite interesting.

2. Our next submissions are from “The Prince of Persia.”

This is apparently how his wife’s cat feels about him:

…and for some further awesomeness he shared click HERE.  My cats would love one of those…

3. The final submissions are from R.  They make her smile.

Heehee.  Thumbs.  Good thing Kilgore doesn’t have thumbs.  He is a naughty kitty.

How bad does R want to see this movie?  Very bad.

Happy Halloween from the 2 Cat Ladies!


L & R


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