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Dear beautiful 2catladies,

I read this article on NPR and found incredibly interesting and touching.  I think it would be nice to share:

Also, as you both know, I lost one of my kitties, Bodgie, a month and a half ago.  She passed at the ripe old age of 19.  I got her when I was six years old and she was my very first kitty.  I miss her very much. 

I still have my other cat, Princess (she definitely lives up to the name).  I’m trying to decide if/when I should get another cat.  Princess loves attention.  She and Bodgie worked out very well together because Princess loved attention and cuddling while Bodgie enjoyed just being around people and chilling.  Since Bodgie has passed, Princess has been excessively cuddly and talkative when I get home after being gone most of the day.  I think she is a little lonely during the day, but I don’t know how she would deal with another brother or sister, she is very obsessed with being the center of attention.  I think she really just wants me home all the time, but that obviously isn’t possible.    I also don’t know how to tell if I am ready to add a new member to our little family.  Thoughts?  Suggestions? 

R:  First of all, our deepest condolences on the loss of Bodgie.  She was a very lucky kitty to have a wonderful cat lady like you!  It’s pretty amazing she lived that long, and I count myself lucky to have met such a wonderful cat.  She will be missed.

It is always sad to lose a feline friend.  Living in a family of cat people (people who like cats…not some creepy cat-human hybrid), we have had to say goodbye to several furry friends.  It’s never easy–especially when you have had so many wonderful years forming a loving relationship.  Two of my family’s kitties, Treasure and Tippy, both had long fulfilling lives.  Treasure passed on 10 years ago, Tippy 2 years ago.  I still miss them every day.

That being said, I support adding a cat to your family…once you feel that YOU are ready.  However, give it time.  Don’t go out and make two impulse buys from the shelter like I did, simply because you are lonely.  Don’t worry kitty boys, you two are the best impulse buys I have ever made!

Although I imagine any feline would get along well with your family, it is my opinion that a 5+ month-old shelter cat would be your best bet.  For one, if you get a cat that is older than a tiny fuzzy adorable ball of fur, he/she will have already developed a personality.  It will be easier to see if he/she will fit the family dynamic you’re looking for.  Of course, I always support the adoption of rescue animals.

I did a little research, and found this article.  It has some good tips for introducing cats–though you may just be one of the lucky ones!

If you need anyone to peruse rescue kitty sites, you give us a call.

Hope that helps…love you!

Rest in Peace, Beautiful Bodgie!

L:  I too would like to offer my condolences.  R said everything so well that I really don’t have much to add.  I do agree with R that adopting an adult cat might be a good option in this situation.  But, the time must be right for both you and Princess for that to happen.  Since Bodgie passed away fairly recently, I’m sure you are still adjusting to her not being around.  Bringing in a new cat to the household will be even more of an adjustment and shift the cat dynamics around.

If/when you do decide to adopt another cat, let us know how the adjustment period goes and if we can be of any help.


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  1. Amanda
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 15:12:59

    I never should have read that article(cry). I have a set of 4yr old sister just like that.


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