Does Your Cat have a Personality Disorder?

Possibly.  I don’t know.  I haven’t met all of your cats.

But I do often wonder what percentage of cats would be diagnosed with personality disorders if they were evaluated based on human personality disorders.

As I was doing some leisure reading the other day on criminal profiling and psychopaths, I noticed that George Gershwin regularly displays several traits associated with personality disorders.

Paranoid (suspiciousness of others) – George hides whenever “strangers” come over.  I’m usually the only one who ever sees him.


Schizoid (inability to form and lack of interest in social relationships) – Definitely.  It’s always on his own terms.


Narcissistic (overly self-involved, views self as special and deserves special attention) – Yes.  Aside from excessive grooming, ignoring the human until he needs attention, and a fascination with mirrors and windows, George also demands to be given a saucer of milk every morning, but won’t drink it until he has been patted on the head.  It’s purely ridiculous.

There was a time a few weeks ago when I ran out of milk and didn’t go to the store immediately.

Those were dark days.


Borderline (moody, feels abandonment, self-mutilates) – In the past, George has sometimes “over-groomed” himself to the point of developing bald patches.  Since I started giving him “cat de-stressing medication” a few months ago, he has significantly calmed down.


Avoidant (very sensitive to interpersonal rejection) – This depends on the day, but George is quite a sensitive cat and gets flustered if I don’t immediately put down my book and pet him when he requires it.


Even though George Gershwin may display these traits, I think I’ll keep him around for a while.  After all, he’s a looker with a nice purr.

Who, me?

Still sleeping with one eye open,



KilgAARHHH Trout the Purrate

One day, R went to Wal-mart and happened to walk by the Halloween clearance items.

She purchased some glow sticks to throw in her Dad’s birthday package, some day-old Halloween candy, and…oh, what’s that?  An extra-small dog pirate costume.

What?  What’s wrong with that?

It was 75% off.

It needed to be done.

When she got home she called out, “Oh kitty boys, I have a surprise for you!”

Colonel played dead.

Smart cat.

Kilgore approached R and asked politely for a new outfit.  R, of course, complied.

Why does Kilgore look so displeased with his new outfit?

R thought he might be disappointed because he didn’t have a parrot…so R did her best to find him one.

Still sad, Kilgore?  How about a captain’s hat?

Hurry, Captain Kilgore…your crew is waiting for you at the ship!

Captain Snugglesworth settled for a lap instead of a fully-crewed pirate ship.

Hope you all enjoyed this short adventure story.  My apologies for the title of the post.

Kitties are entertaining.

Love, Snuggles, and Pirate Cats,


PS – When I showed this post to Kilgore he hung his head in shame.

Happy Caturday!!!

Welcome to October’s Caturday!

Once a month, we feature submissions brought to us by you, our readers.  If you would like to send us a submission, you can do so at

1.  Our first submission is from L.

Perhaps you’ve seen the show The Big Bang Theory.  If so, you would probably recognize this catchy little tune, known as “soft kitty.”

Anyway, a few weeks ago on the show, one of the main characters, Sheldon, kept making references to “Schrodinger’s Cat.”  Naturally, as a curious cat lady who unfortunately slept through most of physics, I searched for an explanation of this theory that would make sense in terms I could understand…i.e. pictures and cat references.  I think it’s quite interesting.

2. Our next submissions are from “The Prince of Persia.”

This is apparently how his wife’s cat feels about him:

…and for some further awesomeness he shared click HERE.  My cats would love one of those…

3. The final submissions are from R.  They make her smile.

Heehee.  Thumbs.  Good thing Kilgore doesn’t have thumbs.  He is a naughty kitty.

How bad does R want to see this movie?  Very bad.

Happy Halloween from the 2 Cat Ladies!


L & R

Rainy Day Haiku

Rain, rain, go away

You make me want to do this

I cannot.  Alas.

Warm kitty, soft kitty...

Stay fashionable

Drowned rat look is “in” now, yes?

No need to fix hair!

Bye, pretty fall leaves.

Hello desire for the sun.

Autumn-why so short?

Why no umbrella?

Kilgore enjoying so much

That I go without.

Hope you’re not cranky

Like your friend the cat lady

About this weather.

Love, R

When You’re a Cat Lady…

You might see the world through fur-covered glasses.

Suddenly, you and your cat are best friends forever and eternity.

He knows that what you really want for your birthday is a case of wine.

So he gets it for you.  And dances inside the box.

Then he takes a break to just act adorable.

Aaaaaaaaand then your beautiful fluff-ball influences your family to buy you cat-centric birthday cards.

Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads

Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, Yum!

This is definitely cat-approved…or at least George Gershwin approved.

Definitely seeing the world through fur-covered glasses,




Dear L,


I like to think your day has gone something like this:

But realize that in all likelihood, it was more like this:

It would have been awesome if it was like this:

Since I couldn’t be there, I wanted to get you a stripper jumping out of a cake…

…but all I could afford was this:

Hope you had a wonderful birthday.  Kilgore, Colonel, and I love you!



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