A Birthday Limerick

There once was a cat lady, L.

She’s 21 as you can tell.

She is quite pretty,

and so is her kitty,

In fabulousness they both excel.

L, I wish your birthday celebration could look like this:


Sadly for me, I have a feeling it will look more like this:


What did you do with that poor man’s hand?  He was just trying to take you out on a birthday date!

Hope your day is full of George Gershwin love, delicious food, and delectable wine.




Happy Gal-entine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Gal-entine’s Day!

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Happy Tuesday!

Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, celebrate it with cats.

Preferably upside-down heart-shaped cats.

Or sideways heart-shaped cats…

"Mom...you have got to stop taking pictures of us every time we do something cute"

Or spooning cats…

Or super snuggly cats…

And a mixer!

But mostly cats.

Kilgore!  That is NOT the appropriate way to show your love on Valentine’s Day!

I’m sorry you all had to see that…

Whatever you decide to celebrate, have a furry and wonderful day!

Peace, Love, and Inappropriate Cats,


Happy Birthday, R!!!!

Dear R,

Happy Birthday to you!

George got you some wine.

But it…disappeared.

So he got you some cake.

But that, uh, disappeared too.

Still, it’s “plain” to see…

That George had good intentions.

I hope you like the dancing penguins he got you!

Oh, and this clip, which really says it all.

Happy Birthday!!!!  We love you!!!

George and L

S’mores Whoopie Pies

So the other day as I was browsing food blogs, I came across this little gem, S’mores Whoopie Pies from Brown Eyed Baker.  (I must warn you that her pictures look way better than mine).  I thought they looked delicious, and I’ve been dying to make them ever since.

This isn’t the first time that 2catladies has blogged about Whoopie Pies.  R wrote about her fabulous adventures here.  I read somewhere recently that Whoopie Pies may be the next craze, like cupcakes have been recently.  Or maybe I’m just making that up.  I don’t know.

Anyway, this recipe calls for “graham flour.”  Not even having used graham flour before, I headed to my local supermarket only to find it wasn’t there.

So I went to The Merc, figuring that if anyone would have it, they would.

I proudly headed down the baking goods aisle, seeing an assortment of flour in alphabetical order.  But when I got to the “G’s,” I did not see graham flour.

Fortunately, a handsome man came to my rescue.  He also happened to work there, so it wasn’t weird.

Handsome Man:  Can I help you find something?

Me:  Yes, I’m looking for graham flour.  And your phone number.  (Except I didn’t say the last part)

Handsome Man:  Well, hmm, let me google it and see if there’s a substitute.

(slight pause while he googled)

Handsome Man:  Well, it says that you can use Garbanzo flour as a substitute.

Me:  Okay, I’ll try that. (hiding the fact that I wasn’t really familiar with Garbanzo flour).

So I bought it.


Garbanzo Flour!!!!

So I set to work making my S’mores Whoopie Pies.

Here’s what the drops of dough looked like before going into the oven.

Okay, they're not all perfectly circular...

While they were baking, I mixed the marshmallow creme filling together and began working on the chocolate ganache.

My favorite part?

Assembling the little cutie pies.


After putting them all together, I didn’t think they had turned out like I had envisioned.  But, when I tasted the first one, I experienced a transformation.

I was immediately transported back to bonfires and camping out as a kid.  It tasted heavenly…the marshmallow filling and the chocolate ganache just worked together perfectly inside the soft outer layer.

I quickly wrapped up the rest in plastic and threw them in the freezer, knowing that they would tempt me incredibly if I left them out.

George, sensing something delicious had just been created, fumed angrily in his chair.

Where's mine?

Sorry buddy, maybe next time.

Cats, Heavenly S’mores Whoopie Pies, and Garbanzo flour,


Eccentric Cats and Hair Ties

Have you ever wondered if your cat seriously has a problem?

Some little quirky behavior that makes your cat unique…and adorable…but makes you wonder about the well-being of your cat just the same?

George Gershwin, while highly entertaining, has a few eccentricities…the most prominent being his obsession with hair ties.

When George receives a new hair tie to play with, one of two things happens.  He either loses it…OR…it ends up in his food bowl.

This is what I find when I walk into the kitchen on a typical morning.

There are FOUR hair ties in his food bowl!

Contemplating his next move.

After I remove the hair ties, George just watches them for a minute…and then…

Look at that cute little paw!

He starts playing with them again.

When I skip into the kitchen later in the day, eager to start baking something delicious, I usually find this.

Mixing it up a bit!

By now, he’s lost the other 3 hair ties, but has casually dropped the remaining one into his little saucer of milk.

Once I take it out, the whole process begins again.  For George, playing with hair ties is a lot like playing fetch.  It’s something he never tires of…just a quirky part of his personality.

If your cat has quirky behaviors, feel free to leave discuss them in the comments below.  Or, if you have pictures or your cat displaying a quirky behavior, send them to us, and we will feature them in an upcoming post.

Eccentric cats, love, and hair ties,


Stop what you’re doing and make these.

Seriously.  Do it.  You might even have all of the ingredients readily available!  If not, go to the store.  Now.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this recipe for Salt River Bars.

Go ahead and look at the photos on her blog.  They’re way prettier than mine.  I can wait.

Anyways, the recipe reminded me of one of our family favorites — pralines.  The linked recipe is mostly accurate, except we use less chocolate and omit the nuts.  And so should you if you ever make them.

So I immediately forwarded the Salt River Bar recipe to my mother, sister, and sister-in-law.

I got this text from my Mother the next day:

Betcha wish you could be me right now!

Not cool Mom.

Of course she sent me this picture on a day I had NO time to set aside to make them, so I just had to drool over her picture.

The next day I heard from her that my slobbering, piggish, greedy, and hungry sister and aunt had devoured the entire pan, leaving my poor Mom with only the crumbs.  Which she apparently scraped together with a spoon, and then cried because they were gone.

The photo and stories just made me want these more, despite having no time to make them.  It was a rather stressful week.

Kilgore Trout and Colonel Coffey were also stressed.  They lead difficult lives.

See?  Poor things.

My heart goes out to these neglected creatures.

I FINALLY stayed up way too late  had time to make these, and let me tell you — it was worth it.  They were actually quite easy, and the hardest part was waiting for them to harden up in the fridge.

Cracker, peanut butter caramel, cracker, peanut butter caramel, cracker, peanut butter caramel, cracker, chocolate, salt.

Oh my goodness.  I would like to make some more right now, but as mentioned in my previous post, my stinkin’ cats destroyed my box of club crackers.

Here are some helpful hints that I will keep in mind next time:

-Spoon the caramel mixture onto the crackers.  The butter separates, and spooning it on allows for more evenly dispersed coverage.

-Keep the caramel mixture hot, or reheat between layers, so it will melt the peanut butter chips.

-Alter the amount of chocolate based on what you like.  I am a chocolate fiend and used less than a cup which was plenty for my taste.

-Don’t be afraid of the sea salt.  I put on a decent amount but could have used more.

-Don’t share.

-Go ahead and eat 3 or 4 in one sitting.  I won’t tell.

-Make them now.  You won’t regret it.  Unless you hate awesome and delicious things.

Cats, Love, and one of my new favorite desserts,


How to be a fatty fat walrus without even trying

George Gershwin, you are a special cat.  Let me count the ways.

(To see George in action…click here).

You wake me up every morning by hitting me on the face with your gargantuan paws.

You demand a saucer of milk every single day.  And since I only use milk occasionally for cooking, 97% of the bi-weekly half gallon I buy goes in your belly.

Your tail is incredibly fluffy.

You shed year-round.

You are very particular about your looks and insist on grooming for 3 of the 4 hours you are actually awake each day.

You exercise every evening by running laps on my hardwood floors.  It amuses me incredibly, for you can’t control your speed and end up sliding all over the place.  After about 5 minutes of running, you visit the litter box and then pass out for the night, completely worn out from overexertion.

You have the purr of a tiger and the courage of a stuffed animal.

Your favorite toy remains a hair tie…and you enjoy playing fetch until you get distracted.

You like sitting like a human couch potato.  I don’t know why.  You must find it comfortable.

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