This is L’s fatty fat walrus of a cat, George Gershwin.

When he’s not eating, sleeping, or grooming, he likes to find unusual hiding places such as this box.  He has a rare attachment to boxes and often has a bit of trouble getting out of them due to the size of his girth.

After a hard day’s work, George likes to relax on the couch.

He’s not picky about what couch, as long as it’s comfortable.


Next up we have R’s slightly less fat walrus, Kilgore Trout.


Kilgore has impeccable fashion sense…












…and he gets all As in school!









He passes time as a pleasey-cat when he’s not busy breaking things.












Last but not least is Kilgore’s tiny-headed, meeptastic brother, Colonel Coffey the Michi-cat.


Colonel enjoys long boat rides,









fine art,












and comfort.














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