Rainy Day Haiku

Rain, rain, go away

You make me want to do this

I cannot.  Alas.

Warm kitty, soft kitty...

Stay fashionable

Drowned rat look is “in” now, yes?

No need to fix hair!

Bye, pretty fall leaves.

Hello desire for the sun.

Autumn-why so short?

Why no umbrella?

Kilgore enjoying so much

That I go without.

Hope you’re not cranky

Like your friend the cat lady

About this weather.

Love, R


Happy Birthday, R!!!!

Dear R,

Happy Birthday to you!

George got you some wine.

But it…disappeared.

So he got you some cake.

But that, uh, disappeared too.

Still, it’s “plain” to see…

That George had good intentions.

I hope you like the dancing penguins he got you!

Oh, and this clip, which really says it all.

Happy Birthday!!!!  We love you!!!

George and L

When You’re a Cat Lady…

You might see the world through fur-covered glasses.

Suddenly, you and your cat are best friends forever and eternity.

He knows that what you really want for your birthday is a case of wine.

So he gets it for you.  And dances inside the box.

Then he takes a break to just act adorable.

Aaaaaaaaand then your beautiful fluff-ball influences your family to buy you cat-centric birthday cards.

Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads

Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, Yum!

This is definitely cat-approved…or at least George Gershwin approved.

Definitely seeing the world through fur-covered glasses,




Dear L,


I like to think your day has gone something like this:

But realize that in all likelihood, it was more like this:

It would have been awesome if it was like this:

Since I couldn’t be there, I wanted to get you a stripper jumping out of a cake…

…but all I could afford was this:

Hope you had a wonderful birthday.  Kilgore, Colonel, and I love you!



Happy Caturday!!!

Hello Dear Friends,

Welcome to September’s Caturday! 

We take Caturday submissions on a rolling basis and post your stories, pictures, and videos on the last Saturday of the month.  If you have a Caturday submission, please email us at 2catladies@gmail.com

1) We begin our Caturday journey with this lovely link from our dear Little Sarah.

This link is a rare glimpse into the life of an African golden cat that might just have a future as a professional cat model.

*R is pretty certain that Little Sarah also submitted the following video.  If she is wrong…watch it anyways because it’s kind of amazing.

2) Our second Caturday submission is a 9 Chickweed Lane comic strip from Little Sarah’s Momma, a.k.a. Momma McQuere.

I think she gets bonus points for this because it combines 2 of our favorite things…cats and music.

3) Our next Caturday submission comes from the fabulous Christina, whose cats have been previously featured on our blog.

This video contains lyrics regarding cats almost exclusively.

4)  Our final Caturday submission is actually from us, 2catladies.

Many of you have probably already seen this video of a cat barking like a dog, but in case any of you haven’t, here it is.

Thank you for joining us on today’s Caturday journey.  Now we must go.  Our cats are purring.  And giving subtle winks that they need attention.

Wink Wink!

R & L

Bananas Foster for Breakfast

Last night I made a delightful meal of Cajun Chicken Pasta, Garlic Artichoke Dip, and a secret family recipe for French Bread.  I halved the first two recipes, which were plenty for two people, plus leftovers.

I bought the items to make Bananas Foster for dessert.  Then I didn’t feel like making it, so I didn’t.

When I woke up this morning, I really wanted Bananas Foster…so I made it for breakfast!

I recently saw a recipe for Bananas Foster on the website of the wise and all-knowing Pioneer Woman.  Because I trust her with all of my heart, I used her recipe (despite the fact that she apparently despises bananas).

I halved the recipe since I was cooking for me, myself, and I, using:

-half stick of butter

-half cup of dark brown sugar

-1/4 cup heavy cream

-one banana

-1/4 cup rum

-Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cinnamon

I started out by melting the butter.

Q: Is there anything more beautiful than a melting (half) stick of butter?

A: Yes.  Melted butter with dark brown sugar mixed in (over medium heat).


Then I mixed in the heavy cream until it was bubbly.  It looked a lot like the above photo.

I tasted the sauce at this point, and nearly ceased the process and drank it straight out of the skillet.  Then I realized I would probably burn my tongue and proceeded.

I added my sliced up banana.

All truth be told, when I make this again I will likely stop at this step and call it good.  That is primarily because I despise rum.  I suppose if you stopped here it wouldn’t technically be “Bananas Foster.”  It could be “Bananas Colonel”…or “Bananas Kilgore”…or “Bananas Coffey (ew)”…or “Bananas Trout (double ew).”

Kilgore is sometimes shaped like a banana.

I decided to proceed as directed at least this time, despite the fact that the smell of even such a small quantity of rum was overpowering my nostrils.  Maybe it was just too early for booze?

Because I have an electric stove, I couldn’t tilt the pan toward the burner to catch the stuff on fire, as directed.  I decided to try my wand lighter.

Try as I might, I could not get the concoction to catch on fire.

Or…maybe every time I held the flame to the mixture and it started to sizzle like it was going to catch fire, I squeaked and ran out of the room.  Because I’m brave like that.

So…I just let it cook a bit longer, adding some Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cinnamon at the end.

Then I got out a bowl, filled it with vanilla ice cream, and dumped half of the skillet’s contents on top.

Then I ate it.

Colonel judged me for eating ice cream for breakfast.

Judgmental cat judges me

Then I ate a cheese stick because I had consumed far too much sugar.

I will definitely make this again.  Possibly omitting the rum, because I’m just not a fan of rum.

I am excited to try it on other items, such as waffles…pancakes…waffles a la mode…pancakes a la mode…

Here is the original recipe.  Thank you, Pioneer Woman, for forcing me to use heavy cream on a weekly basis.

Despite halving this recipe, it still made plenty for two people.  The leftovers are in my fridge.  They won’t last long.

Cats, Love, and ice cream for breakfast,


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